What You Believe Becomes Your Personal Truth | LYBL VBlog

You have seen in a previous post that eminent health psychologist Kelly McGonigal disclosed that it’s not stress that is harmful but people’s attitude toward stress is the real culprit. I mentioned there that it’s true not just in related to ‘stress’ but about anything in life. Watch this video to find out how what you believe becomes your own personal truth.
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Are You Stressed About Being Stressed? | Fresh Perspective on Stress from Kelly McGonigal

Haven’t you heard that stress is bad for your health? There is even a popular saying “this stress is killing me”. But today I found this very eye-opening video from Kelly McGonigal ( shared by my friend Paushali on Facebook). Kelly, who is a popular Health Psychologist, discloses in this video that ‘our negative belief about stress is more harmful than the stress itself’! Watch the video to find out all new perspective about ‘stress’. Don’t forget to comment what you think of it!
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