Rabindra Jayanti, #KolBloggersMeet, US Consul General & Lots More

Being a student of life, I learn from every single day in my life. And you know very well, that I try to share what I am learning as much as possible. That’s why I am writing this post to share with you some interesting experiences I had in last few days ( 9th – 12th May’15), and the lessons I learned from those experiences. Quite an interesting mix it was – starting from Rabindra Jayanti Celebration at a close friend’s home, meeting 37 amazing Kolkata Bloggers at #KolBloggersMeet , meeting school friend (actually 1 batch senior) after 5 years, spending a day each with two people I’ve met on Social Media, being invited to tea with US Consul General and Other Digital Marketing professionals from Kolkata, enjoying first ride with Uber and feeling Earthquake tremor for the second time in life. এই কদিনের এত গল্প, দেখি কতটা লিখতে পারি .

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Social Media Strategy for Bloggers

Social Media Strategy for Bloggers – Integration to Promotion

So you’ve started your blog? Great! Welcome to the club. Now what? Don’t you want the world to know about your blog? Ofcourse you do, otherwise you could have written on your Diary instead. But if you are not a popular person already or don’t have fan following, how can you reach to a large audience? There are so many blogs out there, how would you stand apart from the rest? A well-defined Social Media strategy for bloggers like you is the answer.

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