Why desire doesn't get fulfilled-Law of Attraction

What Really is Law of Attraction (LOA) ? | LYBL VBlog

Have you heard about the term Law of Attraction? If you haven’t, I’ll suggest you to read this post first. If you are already aware of the concept of Law of Attraction, this video will help you to sharpen your understanding. Let me know what you think in the comment section. And share the video with others if you find it interesting.
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What You Believe Becomes Your Personal Truth | LYBL VBlog

You have seen in a previous post that eminent health psychologist Kelly McGonigal disclosed that it’s not stress that is harmful but people’s attitude toward stress is the real culprit. I mentioned there that it’s true not just in related to ‘stress’ but about anything in life. Watch this video to find out how what you believe becomes your own personal truth.
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The Secret- A Documentary Movie on Law of Attraction by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret: A Documentary Movie on Law of Attraction by Rhonda Byrne

I can still remember the day when one of my friends gave me this video to watch. I was curious. “Secret? What kind of secret?”. But trust me when I watched this video for the first time, it was like a whole new life. From that day I watched it countless times. I don’t want to break the suspense for you, if you are going to watch it for the first time. Just watch the full movie with open mind and let me know what you think.
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