3 Things that Inspire Me About Sachin

You know whatever I am today, I owe the credit to many people from different walks of life who has been my inspiration throughout my journey. And among those, one of the most important person is Sachin Tendulkar. I can give you 100 reasons for that. But let’s just limit my gratitude to him with most important three things.
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Farewell Speech by Sachin Tendulkar ( Full Text and Video)

How can I have a blog to inspire people and I don’t mention the living legend of our time Sachin Tendulkar? If you listened to his farewell speech today or missed it, I’m sure you will be looking for the transcripts & video recording of this memorable speech to keep with you forever. So here it is! A  man who followed his passion, stayed human & humble inspite of Godly fame, built wonderful relationships both inside & outside his own family, again taught the lesson of ‘gratitude’ in this final speech.

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