What You Believe Becomes Your Personal Truth | LYBL VBlog

You have seen in a previous post that eminent health psychologist Kelly McGonigal disclosed that it’s not stress that is harmful but people’s attitude toward stress is the real culprit. I mentioned there that it’s true not just in related to ‘stress’ but about anything in life. Watch this video to find out how what you believe becomes your own personal truth.
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Dreams Reveal Hidden Truth

Let Your Dreams Reveal What You Are Hiding From Yourself

Dreams are also great indications of what is deep buried in your mind that you need to work on. Sometimes you are giving your best in your every waking hour, thinking positive thoughts, you are happy most of the times, you are taking necessary actions steps, but somehow you are not getting the desired results. You are not living the life you wanted. It seems like you have everything, but still as if something is missing from your life. Some void inside, that is haunting you, but you can’t identify. Haven’t you ever felt it?

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