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Top 10 ways to optimize your business through YouTube Channel [Infographic]

Every business owner optimizes their business for search engines to reach more audience. YouTube is the second most searched search engine next to Google. So it is important to optimize your business through YouTube channel just like you optimize for Google.

The infographic below illustrates the optimization process for YouTube.

optimize your business

Credits: Brafton

Top 10 ways to optimize your business through YouTube Channel

1. Channel Setup and Design

Checklist for channel setup is

  • Logo
  • Social Icons
  • Color Background
  • Profile Information
  • Keyword Tags on the page

2. Video Content Strategy

You should include client testimonials in your video content strategy, demonstrate your product, recap the trend.

3. Calls to Action

Audience to your channel is useless if you don’t drive them to serve your purpose. So don’t forget to include a call to action.

4. Annotations

Make sure your main points are clear with interactive commentary.

  • Add background information
  • Highlight calls to action
  • Link from in the video.


Keep attractive thumbnails for YouTube and search engine clicks.

6.Search Friendly Video Tags

Use relevant TAGs from your keyword strategy as well as YouTube searchers tool. Optimize videos for maximum SEO.

7. Playlists

Engage users with videos they love through topic-specific playlists. Playlists increase engagement and tie into video content strategy.

8. Engage, Engage, Engage

Create conversations around videos to show the brand’s human face.

9. Subscriptions, Social and Cross Promotions

Build audience touch points and get subscriptions. Let them notified of the new videos and build loyalty among viewers.

10. Analyse Insights

Analyze the insights by checking the performance of the videos by checking the engagement and refine your strategy.

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