truth about startups

Truth About Startups: Why to Not Start a Startup [Infographic]

In this infographic, you can learn the truth about startups. Why startup is not for everyone. The things you should overcome in order to start a startup.

The 21st century is an era of entrepreneurship. But not everyone takes the path of an entrepreneur. However, There may be many reasons why one doesn’t focus on startups. Here I am covering the most common reasons.

Truth About Startups: Why to Not Start a Startup – Infographic

Anna Vital is the founder of Adioma and an Information Designer. She created the below infographic with all the reasons why yo not start a startup.

truth about startups

Source: Adioma

If you don’t understand the hidden meaning of what she is meant by what she said, I am telling you about it. She, indirectly, is telling us to overcome or prepare yourself for all these things to start a startup. I am curious to know what you felt while reading this. Let me know through your comments. Share this post with your freaks who are passionate about starting their own startups.