Ultimate Guide to Hootsuite Mobile Android App

I am assuming that you already understand the importance of creating an engaging Social Media presence as a Professional or a Brand. If you have started working on your Social Media presence in different Social Media channels, you must have felt that it’s not easy to manage so many tasks in so many different channels. That’s where Hootsuite comes as a lifesaver. It’s a very powerful (if not most powerful) Social Media dashboard, from which you can manage your entire Social Media presence. And the best part is that you can use it from your Android mobile too. Though there are many guides and tutorials for the Hootsuite web app, I couldn’t find a complete guide for Hootsuite mobile android app. That’s why decided to write one of my own. Hope you’ll find this valuable.

Why did I write this detailed guide?

If you are tech savvy, you might feel this much details unnecessary. But think about those who are not as tech savvy as you are. Many of my clients are very new to Social Media and not at all tech savvy. I recommend them to use Hootsuite but realized that they are having trouble learning. That’s why I am creating this guide. Anyone can master the Hootsuite Androip mobile app within 1 hour after going through this step by step guide.

Step by Step Tutorial to Use Hootsuite Mobile Android App



  1. Install Hootsuite
  2. Open Hootsuite
  3. Create Account
  4. Sign in
  5. Streams
    1. Individual Streams
      1. Twitter Stream
        1. Reply
        2. Favorite
        3. ReTweet
        4. Share
        5. Twitter Profile
      2. Facebook Stream
      3. LinkedIn Stream
      4. Foursquare Stream
    2. Edit Stream
      1. Adding More Social Networks
      2. Adding / Editing Tabs
      3. Adding / Editing Streams
  6. Compose box / Update Box / Editor
    1. Social Network Picker
    2. Schedule options
      1. Auto Schedule
      2. Schedule manually
        1. Date picker
        2. Time picker
    3. Add image
    4. Shorten url
    5. Add location
  7. Push Notifications
  8. Settings

Let me try to make it as simple as possible.

1. Install Hootsuite Android App on Your Mobile:

Install Hootsuite Android app on your mobile

Visit Google Playstore from your phone and search for ‘Hootsuite’. Then install the app. Here is your direct link.

2. Open Hootsuite App:

Now find the easily noticeable ‘black owl’ icons in your mobile (don’t be scared, this owl is quite friendly) and open the app. You’ll see the following screen.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (1)

If you don’t have an account, click on ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ at top right. Otherwise you can sign in with Email & password/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Google+.

3. Create Account:

Yes. Creating account is as simple as that.
guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (2)

4. Sign in:

Naturally ‘Sign in’ process is simpler.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (3)

When you sign in, you’ll see the streams you’ve already setup from the web, organized in appropriate tabs. And if you sign up, you’ll be able to create new streams here.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (4)

  • If you touch the ‘Streams’ section on top left, you’ll get a left sidebar with navigation: (You can also get the left sidebar by sliding your finger from left of the screen to right).
    guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (48)
  1. Streams
  2. Contacts
  3. Stats
  4. Push Notifications
  5. Settings


  • Touch the ‘Search’ icon, to open search options (more on that later).
  • Touch the ‘Editor’ icon beside search icon to open the ‘Compose Box’.



5. Streams:


5.1 Individual Streams:

Now let me show you how to use individual streams from Hootsuite mobile.

5.1.1 Twitter Streams:

You can easily manage different Twitter streams from the app. Here is an example of Twitter list stream below.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (14)

Touch the particular update to see more details and access all the features.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (15)

Now from the screen above, what can you do? Several things:

  1. Visit the profile of the Twitter user mentioned in the tweet (within Hootsuite mobile app).
  2. Follow the hashtags.
  3. See the images. (Hootsuite mobile not only previews images posted from Twitter, but also Instagram images!)
  4. Visit a website link (You can see the page within Hootsuite browser or some other browser – according to the settings you’ve created).
  5. Reply to the tweet.
  6. ReTweet the tweet.
  7. Favorite the tweet.
  8. Share the tweet to other android application. Reply:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (16) Favorite:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (17) ReTweet:

If you touch ‘ReTweet’ from the screen below it will be ReTweeted as it is (New style).

Or you can touch edit and add your message and then update (Old style).

By choosing ‘Edit’, you can even post the update to other Social Networks.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (18) Share:

Using the ‘Share’ function, you can share the tweet using other apps installed on your Android mobile.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (19) Twitter Profile:

If you touch on any Twitter handle ( @username ) you’ll be taken to a screen like below:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (21)

Things you can do from this screen:

  1. See the name and the username of the Twitter user.
  2. See a small thumbnail of the profile pic.
  3. See the bio.
  4. Followers & following count.
  5. Total number of tweets.
  6. Relationships: Whether you are following the account and whether the account is following you.
  7. Reply to the Twitter user.
  8. Send Direct Message/DM (only if the user follows you).
  9. Add the user to your lists.
  10. See the timeline, favorite stream, lists (created, subscribed to, and members of) of the user & also the tweets mentioning the user. [Top navigation]
Add to List:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (22)

Timeline view:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (23)


Tweets mentioning the user:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (24)

Favorite stream:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (25)


guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (26)guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (27)


guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (28)

Send DM:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (29)

5.1.2 Facebook Streams:

You can also check your Facebook stream from this app.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (34)

Touch any particular update and you’ll be able to like and comment on that update. (Wish we could tag people while commenting. Ah! I am asking too much.)

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (30)

You can access some more functions like ‘Copy Text’, ‘Share’, ‘Translate’ etc by touching the menu key on your phone.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (31)

You can also check the Facebook Profile and Page info (by tapping on the user’s profile picture), but it’s not as interactive as Twitter profiles.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (32)

5.1.3 LinkedIn Stream:

You can see the updates from your LinkedIn network and check the links. I hope Hootsuite introduces more interactive features for LinkedIn in its Android app soon.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (35)

5.1.4 Foursquare stream:

You can check Recent Checkins (and your checkin history) from your Foursquare network from the app.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (36)


Touch any particular checkin to see the details where you can see the comments at the checkin and the tips at the location.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (37)

Touch the menu key to access features like ‘Add Tip’ , ‘Add Comment’ etc.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (38)


5.2 Edit Stream:

You can add new streams or remove existing streams right from your Android app.

Touch the menu key to see the ‘Edit Streams’ option. guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (39)

Touch ‘Edit Streams’ to see the screen below:

Hootsuite android app edit stream

On this screen, you can perform several tasks:

  1. Add more more social networks
  2. Edit each tab individually or adding more tabs
  3. Re-arrange the sections under each tab, or add more sections (as permitted by the respective social network)

5.2.1 Adding more Social Networks:

Tap ‘Social Networks‘. You’ll initially notice a floating box that reads ‘Syncing…’. When the box disappears, a list of the existing social networks appear.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (45)

Tap on the ‘+‘ icon, and select the social network you wish to add. Then, the corresponding social network’s floating window will appear, providing you the fields necessary to be filled in order to add your account to Hootsuite.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (46)

Additionally, you can tap on the refresh icon located on the top – (extreme) right, to synchronize your list with the ones that are already in your Hootsuite account.

You can ‘Hide’ or ‘Unhide’ different Social Networks by touching the ‘eye’ option.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (47)

5.2.2 Editing each tab individually & adding new tabs

Tap ‘Tabs‘.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (43)

Here you can add tabs by tapping on the ‘+‘ (top-right) icon, typing in a name, and selecting ‘Ok‘.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (44)

You can re-arrange the tabs by holding down on the three parallel lines (adjacent to which is the name of a tab) and dragging them.

In order to delete a tab, tap on ‘ב, and select ‘Delete‘.


5.2.3 Add / Edit Stream:

In order to add a stream, tap the ‘+‘ icon and select which stream you wish to add.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (41)

By checking ‘Notify me when new messages arrive‘, you can get notifications for the stream.

You can re-arrange the sections by holding down on the three parallel lines (adjacent to which is the name of a stream) and dragging them.

To change a particular stream, tap on the stream name and select the alternate stream you want to replace it with.

In order to delete a stream, tap on ‘ב, and select ‘Delete‘.

6. Compose Box/ Update Box/ Editor:

Now let me explain the features of compose box in details. When you open the compose box, you see the following screen.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (5)

The compose box has the following sections:

  1. Social Network Picker on top. (Touch the down arrowhead at the extreme right to see all the Social Networks you’ve added to your Hootsuite account).
  2. Text box in the middle.
  3. Sending Toolbar at the bottom. It has 5 buttons:
    1. Schedule options.
    2. Add Photo(s).
    3. Shorten  URL. 
    4. Add location. 
    5. Send/ schedule. 

6.1 Social Network Picker:

From the Social Network Picker,

  • You can select the profiles you want to send the update to.
  • You can ‘Pin‘ (Blue pin – Pinned, White pin- Unpinned) your most used profiles.
  • You can search with the profile names (not network name) to find profiles quick.
  • You can also use the ‘Select All‘ and ‘Clear All‘ options at the bottom to make your selection easier.

Please note, that you can’t add new Social Networks from here like you can do in a web app.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (6)

Unfortunately Google+ page isn’t still supported by the Hootsuite mobile app. So you need to use the web version to manage it.

6.2 Schedule Options:

Wish I could tell you how important it is to schedule quality contents to be delivered to your Social Networks. Maybe I will write a separate blog post for that someday. For now, just understand this –

The more time you can free up from posting using ‘Schedule’ option, more you’ll be able to focus on engagement. Your accounts are active sharing quality content all the time, but you are free to engage with people in real time. That makes a huge difference.

6.2.1 AutoSchedule:

AutoSchedule is one of my most favorite options in Hootsuite. Whenever I write/find something worth sharing I just AutoSchedule it. It gets added to my scheduling queue, delivering to different networks at most appropriate timings.

When I am in the mood of writing, thoughts start coming so rapidly that I would have tortured my Social Media followers if all of that got posted at the same time. Scheduling so many updates one-by-one is also very time consuming. So ‘AutoSchedule’ is the perfect lifesaver at that time.

The situation is very similar when I read and curate contents.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (7)

6.2.2 Schedule Manually:

But there are times when you might prefer to schedule updates at a particular date and time. You can do that easily by turning off the ‘AutoSchedule’ option.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (8)

Touch the ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ to open the date picker and time picker respectively. Date Picker:

Just slide vertically and select the date of your choice.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (9) Time Picker:

Similarly choose the time of your choice. Touch ‘Set’ and then touch ‘Schedule’.
guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (10)

Now you are good to go. The blue ‘Send’ button will turn into ‘Schedule’. Just touch that and your message is scheduled.

6.3 Add Image:

From this option, you can add an image to your update.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (11)


Please note:

  • Your images uploaded from Hootsuite mobile will be shared as images to Twitter, although it will appear as ow.ly link in the update box (Make sure you have selected ‘pic.twitter.com’ as the image upload service. Check this Helpdesk article).
  • But it will be shared as an ow.ly link to other social networks. (Hootsuite web allows you to post images to Facebook and Google+ page).

6.4 Shorten URL:

Shortening URL with Hootsuite mobile is quite easy. If you have any URL in the text box section, just touch the button (the third one from left that looks like link) and you’ll get a short ow.ly URL for the long URL.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (12)

6.5 Add Location:

In case you want to add location to your update, just touch the location button and you’ll be taken to the screen below:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (13)

You’ll be able to add 3 types of location from here:

  1. Geotag
  2. Foursquare Venues
  3. Facebook Places.

That’s it. Now I guess I don’t have to tell you that just touching the ‘Send’ button will deliver your updates across the chosen Networks.

7. Push Notifications:

This feature can be utilized to get notifications on your device from Twitter. And notifications include

  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages
  • Retweets
  • Favorites
  • New Followers
  • Add To List

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (49)

You can filter your Push Notifications too.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (50)


Under settings (which can be opened by selecting ‘Settings’ after tapping the menu button on your phone), you can manage the accounts which have push notifications enabled.

By managing an account, I mean enabling/disabling the notifications you wish to see. An upgradation to the ‘Pro‘ version is required to enable ‘ReTweets‘, ‘Favorites‘, and ‘New Followers‘.

Additionally, you can set up ‘Quiet Time‘ – a time of the day (which can be selected using vertical sliders as shown below) during which all push notifications will cease to enter your phone.

8. Settings:

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (51) guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (52) guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (53)

Under the settings section, you’ll find various sub-sections:

  • Account settings
  • Notification settings
  • Uploaded images
  • Other settings
  • Application

All the options are quite self-explanatory.

8.1 Account settings:

Here, you can:

  • upgrade to a ‘Pro‘ account,
  • reset all the data (clearing your account and re-importing it from the Hootsuite website),
  • manage the various social networks,
  • manage the tabs and the streams, and
  • sign out of your Hootsuite account.

8.2 Notification settings:

The settings for push notifications, stream refresh interval, selecting the tone for notifications can be obtained here.

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (54)

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (56)

guide-to-hootsuite-mobile-android-app (55)

Additionally, checking  ‘Vibrate‘ will enable vibration along with the default ringtone whenever notifications arrive, and checking ‘Start on boot‘ will allow the application to start as soon as soon as the phone is switched on, and run as a background process (so that you can get notifications).

8.3 Uploaded images:


The image resolution of images to be uploaded can be set from this section. It provides three options, along with relative speeds (of upload):

  • Low (fastest upload)
  • Medium (faster upload)
  • High (slower upload)

8.4 Other settings:

How links obtained from streams are opened, hiding ads, and sending usage data (for improving Hootsuite) – all these are under ‘other settings’.


I’d love to get your feedback. Did you find this guide useful and easy to learn? Would you share this guide with others?

I will be creating a PDF for this guide. It will be available for Live Your Best Life Newsletter subscribers. Sign up if you haven’t already.

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