Varun Agarwal – Failed Engineer to Filmmaker, Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author

Thank God my friend Anand Brian sent me to this video! This young guy Varun Agarwal is a real inspiration. When most of the children in our country are being brainwashed by their parents and society to become an Engineer (remember the movie 3 Idiots?), no matter whether they have any interest or not, Varun’s story will be a ray of hope and source of strength for youngsters who want to follow their heart instead.

I can so relate to what Varun was saying in this video. Because this is what I believe in and also teach others.

There is nothing more important than following your heart and doing what you love. 

Life is too short to waste doing things that doesn’t matter much to you. Not even to earn a living. You have been told a lie that you can’t make enough money doing what you love. Look at the wealthiest people in the history of mankind. You’ll find most of them made their fortune (and made a difference to the world too) doing what they loved.

IITian Working at a Garage

If you have watched the video above completely, you must have heard about the person Varun was talking about. The one who is an IIT pass-out, worked in reputed companies, but then working at a garage. Because that’s what he loves! Working with cars! 

My admiration for the person. Who could let go off the status quo and dared to follow his heart. He reminds me of the shepherd boy (who wanted to see the world) mentioned in Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or the surfer (successful business man who left everything behind to live in the beach and surf) in The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO by Robin Sharma

Tell me, what is more important to you? Social status or feeling fulfilled from inside? Well I chose the second.

Varun Agarwal’s Website

Varun has a really cool website

Varun Agarwal's website

Photo Courtesy:

Varun Agarwal’s Book

I am looking forward to read his book. The name is so strange and unique – How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company

Pic courtesy: Flipkart

Pic courtesy: Flipkart

If you have already read the book let me know how is it!

So tell me, what do you love to do? What is your passion? Are you following your heart? I’d love to know. Please leave comments.

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