#WestJetChristmas Miracle – How Far a Brand Can Go to Make People Smile

Imagine walking into an airport to board a plane. Suddenly you meet Santa asking you what you wish for this Christmas. You find it amusing and tell him casually what you wish for. Phew, as if you are going to get that for real. But when you reach your destination and go to collect your luggage, you find a wrapped up present with it. And when you open that – OMG! It’s just the thing you wished for! Sounds too good to be true? Well, WestJet did that for real! Watch the video above.

Great Businesses are not just about Making Profit

Really great Businesses are not just about making profit, but more about making a difference in people’s lives. No matter which Business you are in, your primary goal should be to elevate people’s lives somehow through your products and service. Top brands always go an extra mile to make their customers happy. And regarding that WestJet has just set a benchmark for all brands to follow.

Touching People’s Emotion is Best Branding Practice

You and me can’t possibly imagine how exactly those passengers felt when they got their hands on their gifts. But we can guess, that they were ecstatic! Don’t you think they’ll love to travel with WestJet mostly for all their lives? Don’t you think they’ll tell everyone they know or may be to those whom they even don’t know (both online and offline) how WestJet made their Christmas special? Think about the kids! The miraculous feelings they got, they’ll never forget in their lives. WestJet will always occupy a special space in their hearts. Amazing na? What a beautiful way of marketing your brand!

If you have watched the video, you must have noticed how excited and dedicated WestJet team was to deliver all the presents. Think about the feelings these WestJet employees experienced, when they completed this. Don’t you think this kind of work culture will not only attract great people in their team, but also keep them focused & dedicated for longer time? You can read more about it in WestJet Blog.

You may be thinking, you or your brand can’t afford such expensive gifts to give to your customers. But I am sure you can come up with some inexpensive or even free ideas that can make your customers or associates smile. Coming up with any ideas? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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Bonus Point: The Gift of Receiving

Thank God I visited Randy Gage sir’s blog today to read the post “The Gift of Receiving” . I found this video from that post. What Randy Gage sir discussed on the post is worth giving some thought. If you have watched the video carefully, you must have noticed that when Santa asked people what they wanted, kids were most spontaneous in replying. But different adults asked for different things. There was one family who asked for a large screen TV & they got that! And there was a guy who asked for a new pair of socks and underwear ( :p ) and imagine how was he feeling when he got that ( and saw others got what they wished for). Don’t you think he was wishing at that moment why didn’t he asked for something better, something bigger?

I guess same happens in our lives too. Most of us forget what we truly deserve. That’s why we are afraid to ask for what our hearts truly want. Let’s remind ourselves today that miracles happen! Let’s take a new year resolution – we’ll dare to ask for what we truly want and then we’ll allow ourselves to receive all the great things in life.

Oh! Sorry I couldn’t wish you yesterday. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope you are having a great time. See you soon again. Until then, my wish for you is that you live your best life.