BearBottom Clothing Achieved 5X ROAS Through Facebook Ads

BearBottom Clothing started so that you won’t compromise between quality, style, affordability, and ethically sound practices.

They approached us to promote their business on Facebook to increase their sales.

Here are a few results that we achieved for BearBottom Clothing:

  1. We took sales from 400$ per day to 12,000$ per day in 60 days.
  2. Daily sales value increased by 3000%.
  3. The sales are on a constant growth spike ever since the date we started
  4. We achieved a 5x ROAS.

How We Did It

Facebook Ads

  • Understanding their finances and margin.
  • Laser targeted interest targeting for cold ads.
  • Appropriate LookAlikeAudience
  • Refreshing new creative for each week.
  • Proper retargeting
  • Regular optimizing and proper budgeting.

The Results


Growth in daily sales.



Last updated on 26.05.2019

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