Easy Disc Achieved 9X ROAS Through Facebook Ads

Easy Disc offers duplication, full-colour cover printing for CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Vinyl and so much more! Their products are designed to cater to musicians, movie producers, entertainers, advertising agencies, churches & religious organizations, accountants & financial institutions, medical facilities & hospitals, and so many more.

They approached us to promote their business on Facebook and generate sales.

Here are the few results we generated for Easy Disc:

  1. We are able to generate 3,624 sales from a single campaign.
  2. We achieved a 9X ROAS for B2B.
  3. The sales are on a constant growth spike every month since the date we started.

How We Did It

Facebook Ads

  • Understanding their finances and margin.
  • Laser targeted interest targeting for cold ads.
  • Appropriate LookAlikeAudience
  • Refreshing new creative for each week.
  • Proper retargeting
  • Regular optimizing and proper budgeting.

The Results


Website Purchases


ROAS for B2B

Last updated on 27.05.2019.

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