Nighty House generated ₹33,70,386.66 in-store revenue in 6 months

Nighty House offers the best quality nightwears at a very reasonable price. It’s a compact shop with wonderful customer service.

We started working on Nighty House in October 2017.

Here are a few results that we achieved for Nighty House:

  • We generated ₹33,70,386.66 in-store revenue in the span of 6 months.
  • The sales are on a constant growth spike every month since the date we started
  • We achieved a 6x ROAS.
  • Total website purchases during this period are 1512.

How We Did It

Facebook Ads

  • Laser targeted interest targeting for cold ads.
  • Appropriate LookAlikeAudience
  • Proper retargeting
  • Consulting with the business on how to set up an intimate connection with their audience.
  • Expanded from the UK to worldwide.
  • Regular optimizing and proper budgeting.

The Results


In-store revenue.





Last updated on 10.06.2019

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