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Stay Golden Cosmetics is a viral cosmetics brand based out of the United States. Their line up of stunning Glitter Lip Kits has thousands of loyal followers all across the globe. 

For those who played it safe and now want to experience some adventure. The brand essence lies in their philosophy of “standing out from the crowd and going fiercely against the grain in beauty and in life”. 

With Stay Golden glitter lip kits, the users are assured of heads turning around and lots of compliments.

Founder of Stay Golden Cosmetics

Danielle Danz Edmond (featured in Forbes Next 1000 entrepreneurs)

Association With Us

Our journey together started when Danielle approached us to manage Stay Golden’s Facebook ads to increase their revenue in 2017.

Top Performing Ads

Key Stats & Achievements

  • Achieving $41k in Total Sales in a single day by going viral on Tiktok.

  • Generating $97,368.60 in Total Sales 4 days during the Tiktok virality.

How We Did It

(* ‘we’ – combined effort of SGT, email /social media team /influencers & loyal customers )

Build Up to the 1st Viral Video

  • Constant marketing via Facebook ads to build the Brand Visibility & Identity.
  • Superb customer support.
  • Engaging & Helping social media support in Facebook Ad comments.
  • Creating a ‘Customer First’ approach,&  ‘Caring & Self-Empowering’ brand.
  • Building relationships with Influencers. (both growing & established)
  • Having a proper e-mail remarketing sequence in place.
  • Increasing the organic efforts on Tiktok & Instagram via the influencers.
  • Diversifying paid marketing channels from Facebook to Google, Tik Tok, Snapchat & Pinterest.
  • Post analyzing the data, it was decided to have a combined strategy via Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Tik Tok (organic & paid)

Before the super Viral Video in May 2021

  • Diversifying into other paid channels helped us to understand the platforms, its potential and audience’s response.
  • A few organic videos started going viral on Tik tok. We took note of the patterns of before and after the viral incident.
  • We noticed the virality builds up at least 24 hours before the peak day and drops off in the next 24 hours.
  • So we had a window of 72 hours to identify the build up and push during the peak viral day while effectively utilizing the drop off period to maximize the revenue.

During the Viral Days in May 2021

  • From the past viral events we were able to detect the virality sooner during the build up phase.
  • We narrowed down the Viral Video as well as other similar videos getting more than higher engagement.
  • We launched those videos in different platforms & formats like Facebook & Instagram page and story formats for organic visibility.
  • This process helped us to get all the social media channels in sync with each other and provide a seamless brand experience.
  • Within a short span of time we pushed the Viral video and the other videos via our paid channels, i.e. Facebook – Instagram ads & Tik Tok ads.
  • On Facebook & Instagram, we had two objectives:
    • Target the ads towards our WARM audience.
    • Show the ads to the maximum number of people within our audience group at minimal cost.
    • We used a combination of ‘Reach’, & ‘Post-Engagement’ objectives.
  • On Tik Tok, we tried to utilize virality by reaching out to a large audience at cheaper prices via ‘Traffic Objective’ targeting a ‘Broad Audience’ within a specified age group.
  • We launched a “1 Day HOT” retargeting campaign with “Content View optimization”in the collection format. The aim was to convert the HOT audience from the virality within the 24 hours period.
  • We scaled the Facebook ads on an hourly basis during this period to optimize our WARM & HOT funnel.

Stay Golden Cosmetics Achieved 800% Growth in Sales Overnight Through Facebook Ads

Stay Golden Cosmetics are cruelty-free and totally awesome. Their kits have proven to be party proof, kiss proof and even swim proof.

They approached us to promote their business on Facebook and increase their sales.

Here are a few results that we achieved for Stay Golden Cosmetics:

  1. We increased sales from 2000$ to 16,000$ overnight.
  2. Rapid scaling
  3. The sales are on a constant growth spike every month since the date we started
  4. We achieved a 4x ROAS.

The Results


Growth in sales overnight.



Last updated on 26.05.2019

Top Performing Ads

How We Did It

Facebook Ads

  • Understanding their finances and margin.
  • Laser targeted interest targeting for cold ads.
  • Appropriate LookAlikeAudience
  • Refreshing new creative for each week.
  • Proper retargeting
  • Regular optimizing and proper budgeting.

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