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Do you know that, Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, announced a model guidelines on Direct Selling, on 12th September 2016?


Please note that I am no longer associated with Pvt. Ltd. officially, but I will forever be grateful for what I learned during my 7 years ( 2007 – 2014) of journey with eBIZ. I created this document during my eBIZ journey to share complete truth about eBIZ exclusively for my team. Now I am opening it up for all eBIZ associates. Many information may be outdated, so please check for latest changes.  

Hope you find this useful.

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The business concept I am going to share with you can give you many benefits, specially:

  1. Financial Freedom: You can earn more than any job or standard business.
  2. Time Freedom: You can define your own work hour & once you complete building the business, you can enjoy free time for yourself and your family.
  3. Recognition: You’ll get love, respect & recognition from many. Name, fame, popularity if you want.
  4. Personal Growth: You can develop yourself in every areas of your life- communication skill, people skill, personality, body language, leadership, management, power of mind etc.
  5. Peace of Mind: You can have a peaceful career free from competition, stress & tension of Job or traditional business.

There are many more benefits like scope of travelling, meeting new people, helping people, tax benefits, making a positive difference to the society … endless list.

Before giving more details about this unique Business Concept, I would recommend you to STOP & THINK: “What do you really want in your life?” , “ How do you want to live your life, if you have all the money & time in the world?” . Honestly, think about it. Don’t try to analyze how it would happen, just think. Keep it safe in your mind. Because this Business Opportunity is perfect for you, if you have some dream.

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Parable of Pipeline:

Now I want to introduce this unique business concept to you through a very beautiful story- Parable of Pipeline.

I would recommend you to watch the beautifully animated story on YouTube:



In case you can’t watch the video, here is the story:

Once upon a time, there was a village. Two very ambitious friends Pablo & Bruno lived there. They were very honest & hardworking. They had big dreams & wanted to be rich. They were looking for opportunity. One day all the villagers came to meet them & offered them a very lucrative opportunity – “Pablo, Bruno… as you two very well know that our village is facing serious shortage of water. And the nearest stream of clean water is quite far for a common villager to bring necessary water daily. But you two are young, strong, hardworking & looking for work, right? So we thought if you could carry and bring water from that stream to our village daily and sell us, then our water shortage problem would have been solved & also you could have earned good money. What do you think?”

Naturally Pablo & Bruno excitedly agreed. They started their new job from the very next day. Two friends picked their buckets early in the morning, & started walking towards that clean water stream. First day, it was wonderful experience. They reached there, enjoying nature & friendly chit chat, took buckets full of water & returned to village. Then they sold that water for good money.

Next day, they went twice & earned double. They were happy. After some days, they took larger but lighter buckets & made few more trips than usual. And they started earning more. They started giving their best effort & kept earning regularly.

After few weeks, though Bruno was happy & excited, Pablo started losing excitement for the job. He started getting bored by the same daily routine & also the threshold of income. They couldn’t have increased their income anymore, even if they wanted. Also Pablo was worried about the fact: “What would happen, if we can’t go to work one day or for some days? Zero income! ” Pablo started thinking about some alternative & finally he had an idea! “What if we could build a pipeline from the stream directly to the village? The water shortage problem would be solved & also we don’t have to work every day to earn money. After we complete building the pipeline, our income won’t stop even if we stop working.”

Very excited Pablo told his idea to Bruno & all the villagers. If you are guessing that they started jumping on their feet & started giving admiration to Pablo for this brilliant idea, then you are wrong. All the villagers including Bruno, not only couldn’t accept this new idea, but also started criticizing & discouraging Pablo in every manner possible. But Pablo didn’t give up his dream of building the pipeline. Though nobody gave any type of help or support, he started building the pipeline on his own. He invested all his savings in buying necessary parts, took time off from his bucket carrying job & started working regularly on the pipeline.

Days passed, while Bruno was regularly earning for his daily effort from the bucket carrying job, Pablo wasn’t earning a single penny for his daily effort. Every villager tried to bring Pablo out of this madness. But Pablo was determined in his vision. Months passed, years passed… while Bruno was quite settled with his savings, new home, new wife & ofcourse with his daily bucket carrying job. Pablo kept working on his pipeline, though he didn’t earn a single penny for it so far.

Then one day, suddenly when Pablo’s Pipeline got completed, lives of all villagers changed in an instant. Everyone astonishingly saw water coming from the stream automatically through the pipeline to a reservoir made inside Pablo’s house. Then what Pablo had to do? He just sat beside the reservoir & started selling water at a very minimal price to the long queue of villagers. Even he could appoint someone else to supervise that & still could earn money. He could spend the time with his family & still kept earning. While Bruno had to still carry bucket everyday to continue earning. And in the face of competition, Bruno had to lower his rate & so he earned less for the same amount of effort or he had to work more to earn the same amount. One day Bruno’s health gave up & his sons didn’t want to continue his boring job. But Pablo’s family, generation after generation, just took care of the pipeline & reservoir & kept earning serving water to the villagers.


So what did you learn from the story? Could you relate the story to our society today?

Being employed or self-employed / small business is like carrying buckets backwards & forwards from water source to home. When you stop, so does the ‘flow’. There is also a limit on the amount you can carry.Being a business owner or investor is like having a pipeline that keeps delivering, even when you are not there. This allows you to use your time for other things.

No matter what job or business or profession you are in, if your income stops when you stop working, then you are trading your time for money – similar to Bruno’s Bucket Carrying. And also your income will always be limited because there are maximum 24 hours you can work per day. I’m not telling you all these to make you uncomfortable, or to criticize you or to embarrass you. Rather I want you to know that there are better ways. We are never taught in school about 2 Types of Income that makes someone Rich – 1. Residual Income (When you do something for once and keep getting income for that forever) 2. Leveraged Income ( When you are compensated not just for your own effort but also for your team’s effort )


Now tell me. What do you really want? If you are okay with carrying buckets i.e. trading time for money & earning limited income for rest of your life, it’s absolutely fine with me. Your life, your choice. Nobody has any right to judge. But this business is then not for you.

But if you are excited after knowing this story & want to Build a Pipeline Type income, then READ ON!!!

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DrPawanMalhan Pvt. Ltd. 

Now I want to introduce to you – that visionary personality who brought this opportunity to earn Residual & Leveraged income and to live a  meaningful life, to every common Indian – Dr. Pawan Malhan.

Being an academic scholar & serving India as a reputed lecturer for decades, he was invited to an university in Canada as a guest lecturer. While teaching there, he surprisingly observed that his students & many other common people are doing some business where they are earning millions helping each other. He was astonished to see this business concept involving IT & HR. Being a very humble & open minded person, he not only learned the business concept fast, but also became very successful within few years. He also helped many Canadian families to get Financial Freedom.

But he wanted this glorious opportunity for his own country India. So he came back here & in 2001 gave birth to a revolutionary, unprecedented, unparalleled Organization


[ Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) was incorporated on 8th June 2001 vide certificate of Incorporation No u72200DL2001PTC111183 under the Companies Act, 1956 (No-1 of 1956).] Official Website: ]

Mission of Pvt. Ltd. is to help people live a meaningful life through various benefits as I stated in the beginning of the document & also transform the society & our Nation as a whole through Entrepreneurship (Self Employment).

You can get all the benefits of this amazing business concept, provided you participate in a Social Mission conducted by Pvt. Ltd. – ★To Make Masses Computer Literate. ★

See in today’s world, Basic Knowledge of computer isn’t optional. Everything is getting computerized – Banking, Taxing, Exams, Shopping, Matrimonial, Rail-Airplane ticket booking everything. No matter what is your academic background, age or profession – knowledge of computer will not only make your life easy – but also, without it you’ll feel quite embarrassed & backdated in today’s society.  Bitter but truth.

But the shocking thing is India’s Computer Literacy Rate ( % of Total Population who have basic understanding of Computer) is quite low – less than 10%!

There are various problems for which a common Indian can’t learn Computer:

  1. Unawareness: Many still don’t have the awareness about why they need computer education.
  2.  Financial Problem: Many can’t afford good computer education in today’s tough economy.
  3. Time problem: Students are busy in studies, tuitions; parents are busy in professions & taking care of home. Making time out for computer classes is very challenging.
  4. Place problem: Good computer educational centers aren’t available everywhere. And for those who have home & study/workplace far away, it gets difficult to decide where to get admission for computer education.
  5. Language Problem: Mostly computer is being taught in English, but large % of Indian are not comfortable in it.
  6. Age Ego: For aged people, it feels very uncomfortable to go to a computer center, where most of the students & may be the instructor is younger than him/her. 
  7. Classroom Instruction Fear: Many don’t feel comfortable in learning sitting inside a classroom.
  8. … and many more!

But you can solve all these problems by providing people a Ready Made, Self Learning Package made by –

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Advance eBIZ Educational Package

Let me give you a brief overview of the contents of this awesome package before returning to the Business Concept.

Advance eBIZ Educational Package consists of:

1. 65 Computer Courses through eEducation (24×7 accessible using Internet on eBIZ Education !!!).
2. Visual Education (Photos & animated tutorials).
3. Online testing & Evaluation ( For Self-evaluation ).
4. 184 Utility Courses ( for betterment of life).
5. Offline Educational Courses and Softwares on CD (Only for Indian Associates).
6. Fundamental Computer Courses in VCDs (Only for Indian Associates).
7. English Learning CD.
8. Basic computer courses in 17 Different Languages ( 12 Indian Languages + 5 Foreign Languages)
9. Different Software Utilities: eBIZ Expense Manager, eBIZ Contact Manager, eBIZ Typing Tutor.


You can get more details about the package from eBIZ Product Section or ask for the Product part of this Brochure from the person who gave you this document.

So are you excited that you can help to improve Computer Literacy rate of India by just providing this package to those who are unable to learn computer for some challenges?

You are worried right? Can a common people afford this package with so many facilities? Well, if I give you an idea of market price of this package- even if you consider Rs. 2000 per computer course, only 65 Computer Courses costs as much as 1 lakh 30 thousands. So when we consider all the facilities, it will cost even more than that.

But I’m very excited to tell you that, you can provide this Advance eBIZ Educational Package to common people, through eBIZ Missionjust for Rs. 10,675/- (Inclusive of all taxes) [Always check eBIZ Products for current price of the package]

I want to mention a few quick points:

  • So many computer courses are provided so that people from any background with any requirement can find their necessary computer courses in this package.
  • All Courses are developed by the subject experts and by company staff members under the guidance of president of Pvt. Ltd. These courses are designed to help the deprived and deserving masses (who otherwise are not given chance to learn from anywhere) to learn. All our courses are designed for self- learning only and to be learnt using Computer and Internet by the Learner at his / her own cost. Our courses / tutorials are not accredited by any institution or by any agency of Govt. of India. 
  • In order to evaluate their learning, students can take up online Quiz. Successful students are provided an online certificate. Please note these certificates are not recognized by any institution or by any Govt. body . These certificates are only an indicator of some fundamental learning which has taken place.
  • Neither you have to buy several packages to resell later, nor you have to handle any cash or worry about delivering the package. Your task is to just let people know about the package. If anyone is interested to buy, suggest him/her to make a bank Demand Draft (DD) of Rs. 10,675/- in favor of Pvt. Ltd. payable at New Delhi. Then help him/her to register online at Buy Now with the 6 Digit Demand Draft No. given at the bottom of the DD. After online registration, he/she can immediately access the online facilities. He/she have to print the invoice form & sign as “Purchasing Associate” & you have to sign as “Selling Associate”. Then send the DD and the duly signed invoice to eBIZ House, which should reach there within 10 days of Registration. After receiving the payment, company will send the offline package to purchaser’s address within 2 months.
  • How this costly package is being provided at such a nominal cost? In traditional marketing, for any product or service, retail price is hugely larger than manufacturing cost because of mainly 2 reasons- 1. Advertisements (celebrities are paid millions to endorse products which they don’t even use themselves) . 2. Products are being manufactured at some factories, then they are stored at warehouses, then they are sent to dealers & distributors , then to retailers, from where customers are buying. Thus increasing cost to provide profit to middle men. But eBIZ don’t advertise and also send products directly to customers. That’s why.

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Home Based Business (HBB)

Now when you agree to participate in eBIZ Mission, let me present you the Home Based Business (HBB) opportunity –    [ the amazing business concept which you can start from home].

But before that I want you to understand the importance of The Business Concept you are learning:

  • An engineering student spends minimum 3-5 Lakhs in a Private Engineering college.
  • A farmer spends 4 Lakh+ to buy a tractor to get better agricultural production.
  • A business man invests lakhs to crore to start a business.
  • People spend so much money for whole academic life, from nursery to UG/PG level.
  • Film producers spend crores in producing & marketing a movie.

But do they get all the 5 Benefits – Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Recognition, Personal Growth, Peace of Mind? No!!!

So tell me, how much are you ready to invest to start this Amazing Business, which can provide you all 5 Benefits & more? Ask yourself honestly, can you get all these from somewhere else even if you invest crores?

Let me give you great news then – You don’t have to spend lakhs to start this business.

When you just buy the ‘Advance eBIZ Educational Package’ with Rs. 10,675/- you can start your eBIZ Business!

  • If you consider learning the Computer Courses, your investment for the business is ‘0’ Zero!
  • If you want to consider it as investment, it’s just nearly Rs. 11,000!!! Unbelievably small! Isn’t it?

Now comes even the greater surprise – What do you have to do to earn in this business? It must be something tough!

No way! You have to do- what you are comfortable doing from your childhood, but nobody ever paid you a single paisa for it- SHARING, RECOMMENDING!!!

  • You love a movie, you tell your friends.
  • You love a shop, you tell everyone about it.
  • You love a book, you recommend to your friends/classmates.
  • You love a post on Facebook you ‘share’ it to your friends.
  • And you do all these for free…

What if,  you get paid for just recommending eBIZ Package & Business Concept to others?

 When you start this business buying ‘Advance eBIZ Educational Package’ paying Rs. 10675/- you’ll get an Online Virtual Business Position YOU

  • Now first get Proper Training on How to do This Business & make a commitment to succeed before sharing.
  • Share this opportunity with others, starting with people you know.
  • Don’t try to convince.
  • You are not a salesman, don’t try to sell by pushing, requesting.
  • Share, recommend to all and FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE-INTERESTED TO BUILD A PIPELINE- PEOPLE WITH BIG DREAMS & WILLINGNESS TO HELP OTHERS. Or those who are interested to buy the package to learn computer.

ScreenClip [28]


When you find 2 such people, who start this Business buying Advance eBIZ Educational Package paying Rs. 9556/-, you become qualified to earn in this business.


ScreenClip [27]


Now you are not alone. When you and your two team mates start sharing with many more,
and a 3rd person joins your team, you earn your first income – worth Rs. 2700/-


ScreenClip [26]

When next 3 people join your team in a ratio 1:2 or 2:1 (left:right) , you earn again worth Rs. 2700/-

ScreenClip [25]

And for next 3 people, you earn again worth         Rs. 2700/-      Now you have a team of 9 people – which is called Cycle. So for completing first cycle, you earn total worth Rs. 8100/-






And then the calculation is as follows: (A team of 50 people is termed as Orbit) 


Please note:
  • Out of many people whom you show Product / Business / Mission plan only few will purchase our product and out of many such purchasers only few will be willing to participate in our Business / Mission and willing to take training from eBIZ and its Leaders. Hence you have to have enormous patience and willing to work very hard for any accomplishment with eBIZ. This is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme or Chit-Fund or Money Marketing scheme.
  • All the commissions are being paid based on the total sales of ‘Advance eBIZ Educational Package’s from your team. No commission is being paid for just recruiting others or from any other sources. This is a Business where you have to earn with your own effort & team work; it’s not any investment scheme.
  • There would be a deduction of Rs.169/- (inclusive of all Taxes)   for handling charge from each cheque, besides any Tax Deductions at Source (TDS) , as may be mandatory by Law, for the Indian Associates. Hence you are earning white money/legal money paying Income Tax in advance.
  • Once you promote to two people [your self-sponsors] and place them in your team (one on your left and one on your right), the next person you personally promote Advance eBIZ Educational and/or this business opportunity, would be placed either on the left of your left sale or on the right of your right sale, this is known as your spill over to the existing sale in your organization.
  • All the Purchasing Associates must be taught how to Learn from our Courses even if they do not wish to participate in our Business / Mission.
  • Associates participating in our Business / Mission must attained most of the training programs organized by the Company or Leaders.
  • For more details, check [Group Compensation Plan]

Now have you started understanding the beauty of this business? More your team/Network grows, more your income grows. There will be a time, when 50 new people will join your team in a month – then you’ll earn Rs. 25,000/- (2nd orbit rate) in a month. Then there will be a time, when 50 new people will join your team in a week- then you’ll earn Rs. 25,000/- in a week. Generally eBIZ has weekly payout system.

You must be wondering, If income grows like this with increasing Network, people who have joined eBIZ earlier & are at the top, will be earning more and more upto infinity, and people joining later won’t be able to reach that income level ever. But that is a Pyramid model, and not a healthy business practice. That’s why eBIZ made a maximum income ceiling of Rs. 2.5 Lakh/week. Hence when your Networks starts producing  500+ sales/week… you will earn 2.5 Lakh/week. Anyone can reach there with proper training, hard work & patience.

In order to get continued Learning and Participation in our Business / Mission and seek the benefit of Group Compensation Plan, the following needs to be done every year:

  1. Renew by paying Annual Maintenance Charges Rs. 4495/-
  2. Must learn and successfully complete the Quiz on any one of the given Computer Courses.
  3. Must attend at least two Conventions / Seminars / Contact Workshops organized by Pvt. Ltd. for Computer Learning / Teaching / Promotion of our Mission and must take active participation in promoting eBIZ Business / Mission.
  4. Must maintain 2 directly self-sponsored Associates all the time.
  5. Must teach “Absolutely Free” (any one of our existing Courses in Free Basic eBIZ Educational Package) to two individuals who cannot afford computer education (Free Student), and who are not otherwise a part of our Network. Must help them to complete the Quiz successfully.



Quick Reminders:
  • Don’t forget to get connected to Official Facebook Page of Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Don’t forget to check eBIZ Award Section  [I can’t resist myself from sharing that if you can complete 200 orbits ( commission of 10000 sales ) within 365 days from the date of registration, you’ll be awarded a BMW X1 car worth Rs. 25 Lakh+ ]
  • Ask the person who gave you this document about Full Compensation Plan. 
  • Understand the Market for Your eBIZ Business. Read This.

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Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)


This Business Concept is called Network Marketing/ Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). There are many Myths regarding Network Marketing among common people:

  • Chain business
  • Pyramid scheme
  • Catching people and washing brains
  • Running after others and convincing them
  • It’s like sales job
  • Earning quick money
  • This type of Company will not stay for long
  • Company will take the money and run away
  • Saturation
  • It depends on luck …. blah blah blah

But the actual reason behind these misconceptions is – lack of proper awareness & education about this industry.

Isn’t it very surprising that regarding any topic we consult or take suggestion from the experts, not amateurs like:

  • Regarding health issues we consult best doctors,
  • Regarding legal issues, we take help from expert lawyers,
  • We take tuitions from subject experts,
  • We take fitness tips from a coach who is fit, healthy himself.

Then why regarding Network Marketing most of the people consult with/take suggestion/get influenced by those, who don’t know anything about Network Marketing/failed in Network Marketing?

When you join our team, you’ll be taught what Network Marketing really is from various books read by millions worldwide, written by industry experts. You’ll get a list of the best books at



Did you know?

  • Network Marketing is being considered as one of the most innovative business concept of 21st century.
  • Network Marketing companies are giving opportunity to common people to be rich sharing products & services they love to use personally, instead of spending (wasting) millions on advertisements. Hence it’s great for Economy.
  • Network Marketing industry is being praised by most respected publications like Forbes Magazine, Success Magazine & 
    many more.
  • Total Global Sales for 2012 of Network Marketing industry is $ 167 Billion ~ 10227497500000.00 Indian Rupee  ( nearly Rs. 10 Lakh Crore) and Globally Network Marketers earned $ 65 Billion ~ 3980762500000.00 Indian Rupee ( nearly Rs. 4 Lakh Crore) as commissions. Isn’t it foolish to say, ‘Network Marketing’ doesn’t work?
  • Billionaires like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet are investing in Network Marketing. Respected authors & thought leaders like Robert T. Kiyosaki, Seth Godin, David Bach, Jack Canfield are endorsing Network Marketing, even when they are not associated with this industry.

Learn more about this wonderful profession of Network Marketing from Network Marketing Eyeopener –  ( Best collection of information on the Network Marketing profession, which can help you to understand this profession better).  
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Frequently Asked Questions/Frequently Faced Challenges


Q. I don’t have Rs. 10,000./ I don’t have the money to start this eBIZ Business? 

A. Shouldn’t this be your reason to start eBIZ business? If arranging Rs. 10,000 to start this business is really tough for you, then don’t you want to change your financial condition? Do you have any better way to do that than this business?

Be honest, no matter who you are, you have already spent Rs. 10,000 many times & also will spend countless  times, in your life. But I can assure you nothing can give your better return of Rs. 10,000 than eBIZ business. Do you know any other profession where you can start with Rs. 10,000 & earn uptp 2.5 Lakh/week i.e. 1.2 Cr/year ?

See, in case of medical emergencies in our families, we arrange any amount of money to save lives, then why can’t you arrange Rs. 10,000 to build a secure financial future for yourself & family?

If you are still hesitant to start this business with Rs. 10,000, I’ll recommend you to go through this document once again or talk to the person who gave you this. May be you didn’t understand this concept clearly.

Q. I am very busy. I don’t have time to do this business.

 A. I can understand. But do you really want to be this busy for your entire life? Don’t you want to build your own pipeline, where you can keep earning even if you stop working? Don’t you wish to spend more time with yourself, with your friends & family, doing what you love? If you want, then can’t you manage 2-3 hours/day for coming 3-5 years, when you know that can give your 2.5 Lakh/week, free time & many other benefits? If you don’t even have this 2-3 hours/day now, then ask yourself honestly – is it really worth doing what you are currently doing? If you can understand that eBIZ can give you the exact life you want, I know you can manage time for it anyhow.

Q. I don’t know much people with whom I can share about the business.

 A. You can share about this business concept to anybody who is 18+ and passed 10th standard. This business is so simple that anyone can learn, do & be successful. Don’t prejudge anyone that this person is too good/bad for this business. You don’t know what that person really wants in his life. Share and then let him decide whether this business is right for him.

Like you, most of the successful Network Marketers didn’t know many people when they started. But they learned, as you will also be trained – how to meet new people, make new friends & share your opportunity with them. Not only you would know unlimited number of people to share your eBIZ business with, but also your life will change by knowing more & more people & making great friends.

Q. I don’t like convincing/requesting/selling people.

 A. Like you, 99.99% of Network Marketers don’t like convincing/requesting/selling people. That’s why Network Marketing is the best profession for you and them. I’d recommend you to go back to the business plan again and see that you don’t have to convince/request/sell anyone, what you have to do is to just share about this business concept, like you share anything & everything you like. Also you don’t want just anyone to join your team, you should find out and select only those people who have big dreams, learning attitude & who are willing to work hard until they succeed. Don’t forget that YOU will be giving people opportunity, then why should you request? Have you ever seen any company or govt. requesting any job applicant to take the job?

Q. eBIZ courses aren’t certified.

A. What do you really want? If you want to learn computer, you can definitely use Advance eBIZ Educational package. If you are looking for certificate so that you can get a job, then why don’t you rather take eBIZ Business as a career? But still, if you are looking for a certificated course to get a job, then please look elsewhere, eBIZ is not for you.
But just remember, quality certified courses are much costlier, but still doesn’t guarantee your secure future. And most of the centers claiming ‘certified courses’ & ‘job guarantee’ are just misleading people. No good company will recruit you just looking at your certificate. And do check the background & salary of the faculties of these institutes.

Q. I or someone I know joined eBIZ/ something like this earlier but didn’t succeed.

 A. See like any industry, in Network Marketing, there are many companies which are not as good as eBIZ or other top Network Marketing companies. As you don’t judge Dove soap, just because you didn’t like Nima Rose or you don’t judge Samsung mobile, just because your China handset got damaged soon; you shouldn’t judge eBIZ or Network Marketing industry by your (or someone’s) past experience with just any other company.  Even many people who are associated with eBIZ or good Network Marketing companies, fails to succeed in this business. Because of many reasons:

  • Not being properly trained.
  • Not following a proper step by step duplicable system.
  • Giving up too soon. Most successful leaders of this profession stayed with it for more than 10 years. But most who fail, gave up within first 5 years.
  • Not having the self-discipline to work regularly at home, when no boss was supervising.
  • Being discouraged too easily because of rejection by family, friends.
  • Being affected by negative people, who either didn’t know anything about this profession or failed for these reasons. …many more reasons.

If you are willing to succeed, you’ll have proper guidance this time our team- that’s for sure.

Q. Is the company/Network Marketing legal? What if the company get closed?

A. As I told you before, Network Marketing is not only legal, but also much better marketing system that traditional methods of advertising. Regarding legality of eBIZ:

  • Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) was incorporated on 8th June 2001 vide certificate of Incorporation No u72200DL2001PTC111183 under the Companies Act, 1956 (No-1 of 1956). You can crosscheck it by any lawyer.
  • eBIZ is paying taxes for every transactions. When anyone is buying Advance eBIZ Educational Package, company is paying service tax & when any associate is earning commission, TDS is getting deducted. Everything is white.
  • Did you find anything illegal? You are earning for the advertisement effort by yourself & your team. Company is paying a % of sales to its associates.
  • No false promises. Many schemes pretend to be Network Marketing & badmouth this wonderful profession. They claim: “You don’t have to work. Join today, make some people join and you’ll be rich”. Did we promise anything like that? On the contrary, in eBIZ you have to work hard to build your Network & promote this mission to be rich. If the truth is better than the traditional career of studying for 25 years and working for 40 years – 8 hours/day, then what is the need to lie?
  • eBIZ has successfully completed 12 years. You can check its <a< span=””> href=”″ target=”_blank”>official Facebook Page  so many real people with different respected background are associated with it.
  • For more information check eBIZ LEGALS. Very few company give this much clear info on website.

Q. I want to discuss this business with my wife/husband/parents/ friends/family… before starting.

A. This is the biggest mistake people make which ends their Network Marketing career even before starting. Most probably, the person(s) you want to discuss with, don’t have any idea about Network Marketing or worse have some wrong idea about it. If you try to discuss this business with them now, you won’t be able to give them right information, as you yourself haven’t started & are not trained. 99% probability that they’ll discourage you. Even if you can win over their discouragement & join eBIZ, get proper training and then approach them rightly about this business, they’ll feel uncomfortable to join, even if they understand the concept now – as they themselves discouraged your earlier for the  same. It’s human psychology not to admit that they were wrong, even when they understand it in their heart.

So I’d recommend you to first join yourself, take training & make a commitment. Then request any eBIZ associates (preferably who gave you this document) to present this business opportunity to your wife/husband/parents/ friends/family…  then you can do this business starting with a team of people close to you.

Q. I am not interested.

A. It’s absolutely fine. Your life, your choice. No one will force/request you to do eBIZ. As you have seen, it’s a business of finding out those who are looking for some opportunity.

But, if you don’t mind, I’d love to ask you something – What aren’t you interested in? Earning more than you current income? Spending more time with yourself or family? Getting love-respect-recognition ? Developing yourself in every manner? Living a peaceful life?

As you or anyone can tell by common sense, there is very few rational human beings who are not interested in getting one (or all) of these benefits. I can tell you by my experience, whenever someone said “Not interested”, actual reason was something else. Either they couldn’t understand the concept, or had some misconception, or been afraid to do something new, or got influenced by someone else’s negativity. If your reason is also similar, I’d recommend you to contact the person who gave you this document and discuss about your concern openly.

If you are really not interested to do this business, you can also become a consumer buying the course package to learn computer. If you don’t want even that, you can freely return this brochure to the person who gave it to you. Nobody would mind.

Q. I don’t think I can do it/ Can I do it? I am not good enough …

A. May be Network Marketing is the only profession where the question is not “whether you CAN do it or not”, rather the questions is “Whether you WILL do it or not”.  Only requirement for succeeding in this profession is having some dreams, learning attitude & willingness to work hard. Everything else you’ll be taught here. Remember, every successful Network Marketers were once a beginner like you. But they gradually developed themselves to be what they are today. You’ll get tremendous support by your uplines (people who are above you in eBIZ Network) to learn every necessary skills. Most important thing you’ll learn in eBIZ is – how powerful you are & what you can do. eBIZ is all about discovering your true self.

Q. I need to think about it for some days. / I’ll join after some days/weeks/months/years.

A. By more than 6 years of experience in this industry I can tell you, if you don’t join NOW, may be you won’t ever be ready to join. Have you heard about Law of Diminishing Intent ? It says: the longer you wait to implement an idea, the less enthusiasm you will have for it. So if you liked the idea of eBIZ Business/ Network Marketing then Just Do It. Only this moment is in your control not tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

Tell me something, what do you want to think about? Are you putting your life at risk or betting your fortune by investing lakhs or crores of Rupees in this business? You are starting a business with so many exclusive benefits just at Rs. 10,000 & you still want to think??? As a rational person, I’ll expect you to choose between following 3 options:

  1. YES: If you are ready to start this business, just pick up the phone and call the person who gave you this document. Thank him/her for introducing you to this concept. Fix tomorrow’s time when you are planning to go to which bank to make the DD & also request time for your Basic Training session.
  2. NEED MORE INFO: I tried to give as much information as possible in this brochure. But still if you have any query or need more info, feel free to contact the person who gave you this document. If you want to attend the presentation again, ask for whether there are any Home Meetings or Seminars scheduled in your local area.
  3. NO: It’s absolutely fine to say ‘No’. As I have already stated, this is a business of finding the right person who are looking for some opportunity to improve their lives. Please understand, that the person who gave you this document, doesn’t expect anything . He/she loved it. And now he/she is just sharing & looking for the right people. If you didn’t like it, let him/her know clearly. That won’t affect your relation with the corresponding person. Even if you don’t do eBIZ, eBIZers will give your best wishes to live your best life.

If you liked the concept & willing to start, final decision is upto the person who gave you this document. As he/she is building his/her team. Probably he/she will take a short interview to decide whether you are fit for this business. Feel free to let them know how much excited you are & ask for their assistance.

Finally if you start this business, my best wishes for a new beginning of your life.

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How eBIZ Changed My Life

Now I want to introduce myself to you & share my experience of eBIZ & Network Marketing profession.

A simple guy born in a Small town Midnapur ,West Bengal, India. Middle class family. Father works in Bank, mom housewife. Primary Schooling: 6 years in Saraswati Sishu Mandir . Secondary & HS: 8 years in Ramakrishna Mission Narendrapur. Cleared Madhyamik & HS with 90% marks. Ranked 269 in WBJEE exam and then completed Engineering (Shibpur BE College, Electronics & Telecommunication). As you can guess , I had an excellent academic background. But you know what? I hated studying most. I did everything for my parents, but I never got a chance to think about what I really wanted in my life. Yes I was winning the race, but I realized Even if I win the rat race, I’ll still be a rat. But I wanted to be a Lion!

I spent my entire childhood at hostel & I realized if I proceed with my academic background, I’ll get a job for which I have to spent rest of my life leaving my family. I didn’t want that.

Day by day, when I was losing interest in my studies & even life, eBIZ came as an angel in my life. One of my friends introduced me to to eBIZ on 14th Jan 2007. And it was like a love at first sight. I knew that this is what I want to do in my life! Learning practical life lessons, outside classroom or office cubicle, working based on home, deciding own work hour, meeting new people, making new friends, learning new skills, facing and overcoming fears, helping others to succeed, inspiring others – everything I wanted in life – a life where I can fly as a free bird!

Excitedly called Dad and told him that I want to do eBIZ. I was just 19. Dad was furious.  He had every possible negativities & misconceptions about Network Marketing. One of his friends had failed in such business earlier. My parents called me back home, invited other elders & took a counseling session: “How could I get distracted after having such a strong academic career, and get into such stupid *&^%$##&^$&^$$ chain business?” They kept telling horror stories & kept warning me that someday I will regret & I won’t be able to show my face, blah blah blah.

But I knew what I was doing. I went against everyone and started eBIZ Business. Journey wasn’t easy at all. As my family was against it, none of my close friends or family joined. I faced not only NOs but also advices, warnings about what a wrong decision I have taken. When I started, I couldn’t get in touch with any experienced leader, and also I was an immature kid. Wasted a lot of time in unproductive activities. Many, including those who introduced me to eBIZ, left eBIZ. But somehow I didn’t give up. I started learning & researching about this industry reading different books , contacting successful MLM leaders accross the world, studying websites, magazines, journals everything. And then kept correcting myself & kept working. Kept teaching those teammates who had faith in me, eBIZ & Network Marketing. Battle with my family continued too for 3+ years. More I learned about this industry, more I got fascinated. And also realized that very few people actually know what Network Marketing really is. Became an advocate of the profession & started teaching people across the globe through internet.

 Long story short- today after 6.5 years, with the grace of God & eBIZ, I could build a huge organization of 6000+ excited individuals i.e. I could provide employment & empowerment to 6000+ families at the age of 26. I feel proud. I am earning more in a week than I could have earned in a month in my job. Most importantly today I can spend more time with my family– my parents, 3 grandparents (lost Dida to cancer few months back, but could nurse her in her last 1.5 years), my cats, my love & her family. Guess how my parents regret what they earlier said about eBIZ. I travelled across the country staying at rural huts to 3 Star Resorts like Rosevalley Mandarmani; 4 Star Toshali Sand, Puri, 5 Star Vedic Village, Kolkata; Sahara Star, Mumbai & many more. I could buy whatever I wanted for me & my parents- mobiles, dresses, bike everything. I could address thousands of gatherings in various auditoriums across the country. Every single day, I am living my life doing what I love, that’s what most important to me. But my mission is not over. I want to help many more to succeed. If I could, why can’t you? If you are committed to live your dreams, I’ll show you how. Welcome to my eBIZ family.  


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Product Brochure: Advance eBIZ Educational Package

Official Product Page


Computer Courses: Online Learning of the following Computer Courses. ( Some of the basic courses are offered in various Regional, National and International Languages)


Operating System Programming Language
* Inside Operating System * Visual Basic
* Windows 98 * C
* Windows XP * C++
* DOS * Fortran
* Inside BIOS * Core Java
* Windows Vista * JDBC
* Linux * Advance C
Database * Data Structure through C
* Microsoft Access * C#
* PL SQL * ASP.NET 2.0
Designing * AutoCAD
* Flash Miscellaneous
* Page Maker * MS Word
* CorelDraw * Internet
* Illustrator * MS Excel
* Microsoft Publisher * MS PowerPoint
* Macromedia Flash 8 * MS Front Page
* Adobe InDesign * Computer Hardware
Scripting Language * Tally 5.4
* HTML * RSS * Tally 8.1
* JavaScript * XSL * Computer Fundamental
* Java Server Page * XML Schema * Networking
* DHTML * PHP * MS Paint
* CSS * VBScript * UML
* XML * AJAX * Computer System Architecture
* XHTML * JQuery * Software Testing


  • Offline Educational Courses and Softwares on CD© (Only for Indian Associates)
  • Fundamental Computer Courses in VCDs (Only for Indian Associates)



Utility Courses:  A Utility Section is added to help our users to face unexpected as well as unwanted situations in life. It is also designed to help our users to improve themselves and their surrounding for the betterment of the life.

General Health
1.    Fire Fighting 1.    First Aid
2.    Country, Capital & Flags 2.    Nutrient Information
3.    Car Maintenance Tips 3.    A-Z of Fruits
4.    Bike Maintenance Tips 4.    Good Sleeping Tips
5.    Save Electricity 5.    Minerals
6.    Photography 6.    Heatstroke and Sunstroke
7.    Gift Ideas 7.    Computer & Health
8.    Safe Driving Tips 8.    Avoid Stress
9.    Travel Tips 9.    Body Fitness
10. Gardening Tips 10. How to wear Contact Lens
11. How to tie a tie 11. AIDS and HIV
12. Home Lone Tips 12. Skin Care Tips
13. Save Water at Home 13. Nuts & Seeds
14. Home Energy Saving Tips 14. A to Z Vegetables
15. How to shop online 15. Beauty Tips
16. Tips for lower Your Taxes 16. COMMON COLD – Dangerously Infectious
17. How to Sew Button 17. Hair-Dandruff
18. How to Plan for Retirement 18. Food For Your Skin
19. How to Write a Partnership Agreement 19. Breathe Odors Treatment
20. Effectively Outsource Services 20. Body-care tips for men
21. Tips for Leasing a Office Space 21. How to brush your teeth?
22. How to Monitor Stocks Online 22. Natural Tips For Healthy Hair
23. Write a Business Loan Proposal 23. Skin -Black Spots
24. How to Finance a Small Business 24. Ear Infection Treatment
25. How to complaining a product or Service 25. Tips for Eyes Beauty
26. Book Your Air Tickets Online 26. Choose Your Hair Styles
27. How to Open Bank Account 27. Lip Care
28. Credit Cards Using Tips 28. How to remove Pimples
29. How to applying for Net-banking Career
30. How To Apply for a Business License 1.    Career Planning
31. Tips for Online Buying Bonds 2.    Business Letters
32. How to Open Demat Account 3.    Effective Meeting Tips
33. How To Set Up A PayPal Account 4.    Building Self Confidence
34. How to use Phone Banking 5.    Presentation delivery
35. Things to Know Before Purchasing Insurance 6.    Decision Making Skills
36. Things to know before applying for loan 7.    Effective Networking
37. Credit Cards Using Tips 8.    Effective Study
Family 10. Problem solving Techniques
Home Budget Tips 11. Time Management
Parenting Tips 12. Teaching Tips
13. Time Management
Technology 14. How to Change Your Career
1.    Bluetooth Techonology 15. Top Business School
2.    GPRS 16. Effective Communication
3.    Video Conferencing 17. Competitive Exams
4.    GSM Vs CDMA 18. Distance Education
5.    Internet Radio 19. Top Engineering Colleges
6.    Linux 20. Foreign Languages Courses
7.    MIME 21. Group Discussion & PI
8.    Windows Vista 22. Match your Career with Personality
9.    What is Y2k38? 23. Choosing Right Colleges
10.  Computer Algorithm 24. Choosing The Right Course
11.  Inside 3D Graphics 25. Planning To Study Abroad
12.  Open Source 26. Top Ten Booming Industries
13.  Relational Databases 27. Top Ten Tips for Jobs Searching
14.  Image Formats Electronics
15.  Boolean Logic 1.    Mobile Users Safety Tips
16.  Computer & Chess 2.    ATM Tips
17.  E-mail 3.    Mobile Maintenance Tips
18.  Internet 4.    Optical Mouse
19.  Remote Assistance 5.    Smart Card
20.  Generations of Programming Languages 6.    Sound Card
21.  Global Positioning System 7.    iPOD
22.  Inside Modem 8.    How to buy fax machine

PC Tips

1.    Run Commands 31. Close multiple programs by one Click
2.    MS Word Shortcuts 32. Disk Cleanup on Linux
3.    Online Shopping Tips 33. DVD FAQ
4.    Safe Internet Surfing Tips 34. Hibernate
5.    PC Security Tips 35. Change IE Title Bar Text
6.    Inside PC HardDisk 36. Open multiple programs at once
7.    Laptop Buying Tips 37. Hide Recycle Bin
8.    Computer Buying Tips 38. Windows XP Remote Assistance
9.    Disk Defragmenter 39. Remote Desktop Protocol
10. Compressing (ZIPing) a File 40. Remove Welcome Screen Shutdown option
11. Google Search 41. Archiving Multiple Files
12. How to Burn CD? 42. Website Short Cut
13. Inside Floppy Disk 43. Windows XP Automatic Logon
14. Inside Computer Monitor 44. Reinstall Windows XP Without the CD
15. Inside Spyware 45. Installing New Printer
16. Inside USB 46. Internet FAQ
17. IP Address 47. Digital Right Management
18. Mozilla Firefox 48. How to Install Computer Speakers
19. Random Number 49. How to Register a Domain Name
20. File-Recovery 50. How to Download Files
21. Windows Safe Mode 51. How to File For Copy Right
22. Spam Mail 52. Teach your child about internet safety
23. How Screen Savers Are Activated? 53. How to Reject Cookies
24. True Type Font 54. Online Computer Technical Support
25. Virtual Memory 55. How to send E-mail Attachment
26. PC Performance Tips 56. Setting Up E-mail Filters
27. Windows 98 Quick Launch 57. Change Your Internet Service Provider
28. PC Errors & Solutions 58. How to Find my IP Address
29. XP Tricks&Tips 59. Stop Unwanted E-mail/Spam
30. Customize Windows XP Start Button 60. How to load Application PC to  Mobile


  • eBIZ English learning  course is also added  which makes  English learning easy for any age group.


Please Note: All our Courses are designed for Self learning only by using Computer and Internet at the cost of the Learner.




Please note that I am no longer associated with Pvt. Ltd. officially, but I will forever be grateful for what I learned during my 7 years ( 2007 – 2014) of journey with eBIZ. I created this document during my eBIZ journey to share complete truth about eBIZ exclusively for my team. Now I am opening it up for all eBIZ associates. Many information may be outdated, so please check for latest changes.  

This page/brochure/document is designed by Sourav Ghoshji (Ex associate), not by Pvt. Ltd.

Softcopy of this  page/brochure/document can only be provided maximum at the cost of Xerox or printout. 

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