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I’d love to help you to choose your perfect career. No amount of words are enough to express how important is the decision of choosing the right career to live a happy and successful life. You can see the results of wrong career choice around you everywhere – starting from people who are financially broke, to people who don’t have time for their family, to people who are totally frustrated even after earning good money.

I want to help you choose your perfect career

  • Where you can earn enough money to support the kind of lifestyle you want to live.
  • Have time for yourself and family.
  • Can enjoy your work.
  • (… add your own definitions of perfect career.)


Information I Need From You:

You don’t have to sit for any aptitude test. I doubt the effectiveness of that approach. I am sure you can guess, top successful people on earth never appeared for aptitude test to choose the career that took them to heights.

So I need you to write me a detailed Honest Email mentioning:

  • What do you want to do, be or have in life ( Not being influenced by anyone else)
  • Your educational background. ( Not just marks. Subjects you loved & those you hated.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your fears if any.
  • Every single queries you have related to choosing your career.
  • Anything else you want to ask me.
  • ( I will ask for more info if needed)

What you’ll be provided:

  • Best career options available for you.
  • How to learn about any subjects needed to excel in those careers.
  • How to find education, training, information online related to those careers.
  • Advice for your regular career growth.
  • Practical tips for surviving today’s changing economy.
  • Connections ( if available) to people already experienced in those careers.
  • Advice on How to create your own person brand online to attract opportunities. … & lots more.

Basic Charges:

  • Email Consultation: Rs. 1000/- ( 20 USD)
  • Live Chat( GTalk/Skype): Rs. 1000/- (20 USD) per 15 minutes.
  • Free 20 Minute Counselling: On Wizpert ( Depending on availability)
  • Phone Consultation or In Person Consultation: On special request. Charges will be decided.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Payments are to be made in advance through online transfer/fund transfer.
  • Bank account details will be only provided after confirming that I can help you. If I can’t help for some reason, I will mention & won’t accept payment.
  • Though it’ll be my sincere effort to guide you towards right direction, I can’t be held responsible for any dispute arising due to any of your decision and action.
  • Refund will not be possible under any circumstances. I am confident about the quality of information I provide.


If you are wondering if I am eligible to give you advice, a little bit info about me:

  • Studied 8 years in reputed Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission.
  • Cleared Secondary and HS with 90% marks.
  • Ranked 269 in WBJEE, 32 (state rank) in AIEEE.
  • Completed B.E. from BESU ( BE College, Shibpur) . Electronics & Telecommunication.
  • Started working on my passion of Entrepreneurship & Self Development from 2nd year ( 2007).
  • Living my dream life being Self Employed.
  • Helped nearly 6000 families to be Self employed.
  • Inspiring countless people all over the world through Social Networks to live their best lives.
  • Counselled people from different countries, age groups, professions to find right career, make more money, improve relationship, stay healthy, develop themselves, be a better human being.

But most importantly you’ll find me a friendly person to discuss with.

Looking forward to your Email.

Have a great day.



Sourav Ghosh
Email: [email protected]

Find Me Online: Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus Page Twitter YouTube pinterest

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Contact me: Google Talk souravghosh.besu Skype souravghosh.ebiz



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