What I’ve learnt after spending
5.6 Lakh INR on Facebook Ads

Do you have an eCommerce store? Where are you spending your marketing budget? What kind of ROI (Return on Investment) are you generating? Are you using Facebook Ads to grow your eCommerce sales? Are you happy with the return?

Let me share a few practical insights that can help you get most out of Facebook ads and get more return out of your Facebook Ad Budget.

What you are going to learn here, is priceless information, drilled down from our practical hands-on experiences, while managing Facebook Ads for eCommerce clients from all over the world. So take a notebook and let’s get started.

From 28th Oct to 6th May, I spent 561016.53 INR on Facebook Ads. That ended up resulting in 33,70,386.66 INR in-store revenue.