Thank you for joining Live Your Best Life Blog as a Guest Author. Let me guide you to get started.


1. Contact me to activate your Contributor Account:

Sign up for Guest Author membership level.

Contact me on Facebook (send me a message) or mail me, to activate your contributor account.


2. Login into WordPress Dashboard:

Once your contributor account is activated, visit

guest-author-login-pageLog in with your username and password you’d signed up with. You’ll see a page like below:



3. Complete Your Author Bio:

Click on Profile on the left.


Scroll down and fill up other information.



Please fill up the next sections well, as it will appear as an Author Bio Box under each of your post.



I strongly recommend to fill up your profile as much as you can. Your details will display within this beautiful Author Bio box, under each of your posts. This will not only give backlinks to your own blog, but also make it easy for the readers to connect to you directly.

 This is how Social Author Bio box will look

Please note: You won’t find any option to upload / change your image from this dashboard. Your current Gravatar image will be automatically updated here.


4. Write a Post:

Now you are ready to write your article.

You can create a new post in two ways:

  1. From the left sidebar, click Post > Add New
  2. From the top sidebar, click +New > Post

You’ll see the screen below: ( Check the annotations to follow the best practices. )


It’d be excellent if you understand Copywriting & SEO, though not compulsory.

But incase you’d love to learn, here are few resources:

As a contributor, you won’t be able to add photos / videos to your post. Mail us medias related to your post. You can get ideas about the medias used in our blog, from the already published posts.

  • Featured image dimension: 1200 pixel X 628 pixel . ( This image will appear at the beginning of your post, post summary, and as link preview on Facebook, G+, LinkedIn etc).
  • If you want to add any video to your post, send us the YouTube link or any embed code.
  • You can design images using Canva.

If you can’t create the appropriate images for your post, send us normal images. Our editing team will do the rest.

After you complete your post, ‘Submit it for Review’.

What Kind of Articles We Publish:

We publish anything and everything that can inspire others to live their best lives. Here are some points I’d like to mention.

  • Please use easy language that anyone can understand. Poems and articles with deep inner meanings are great, but not appropriate for this blog’s audience.
  • If you are writing some step by step tutorial, include screenshots.
  • You can submit interviews for #IconsAround series.
  • It’s not a tech blog, but ofcourse you can write about some tech tools and explain how it makes life easy.
  • Write only if you really want to write something and share with wider audience, don’t write for any other purpose (like link building, backlinks etc etc).


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