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Stronger Together in Crisis: Daily LIVE @ 6:30 PM IST

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During this time of crisis, we are conducting LIVE Sessions on our social media handles to discuss more about life, culture & situation across the world.

Whole purpose of these LIVE sessions is to be there for the people under lockdown.

During current crisis and with constant stream of news, many of us are going through an unprecedented level of fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

During these LIVE sessions my attempt is to turn people’s attention towards something else – positive, meaningful, helpful, fun.

Even letting everyone know that we are also experiencing the same troubles and coping with it, helps.

That’s why I am approaching you all, people I love and admire to join me on these sessions.

In last few sessions, we had lots of funs and talked about topics ranging from language barriers, gender equality, mental health, serving people in times of need.

Looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

Thank you so much again, for taking time from your busy schedule and joining me.

Heartfelt appreciation.

Sourav Ghosh.

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