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How to Buy Bluehost Webhosting and Install WordPress – YouTube

I will not even ask “Do you need a website?”. I don’t care what you do or who you are, I can tell you with 99.99% assurance that having a right website will give a significant boost in what you do.

  • If you run a business, having a website isn’t optional. Don’t trust me? See top companies in the world or even top in your industry? Surely they have one (or more than one).
  • If you are an employee / professional, your website is your real portfolio now. Instead of running around submitting your CV, build your brand around your website and attract employers.
  • If you are a freelancer, your website is a place to showcase your projects and the services you offer.
  • If you run a non-profit or NGO or support a worthy cause, let more people know through your website.
  • If you sell something offline, why not sell that online too from your own website?
  • … (should I tell you more?)

Right Website Means …

Now gone are the days when you could just upload a few static pages, with cheesy images and flashy fonts and call that a website. Well, you can still call it ‘website’ if you wish, but it will just make you a joke in today’s online world. And that crappy website won’t help your cause if people can’t even discover your website.

Let me tell you what right website means in today’s e-world:

  • It must be responsive ( with the growing popularity of mobiles and tablets, your website must be easy to view for any screen size without the need for much right – left scrolling ).
  • Content of your website must be Search Engine Optimized ( so that people can find it easily while performing relevant searches from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. )
  • Integration with Social Media isn’t optional ( Visitors should find it easy to interact your content and share if they like using different Social Media accounts like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. )
  • If you are planning to deal with user data ( like Name, Address, username, password etc for Online Store sites or Online Course sites), then your website need to work as a powerful Content Management System (CMS) also.
  • Great websites has regularly updated contents in the form of blog posts, static websites are dead!
  • … etc.

Now building such websites from scratch using scripting languages is very complicated and can be costly if you hire some web developer to create one for you.

But the good news is – you call avail all these features in a very easy to use manner using – Self hosted WordPress website. And it’s not that expensive either.

 Why Self Hosted WordPress

Now you can use other platforms too if you wish, and I don’t want to convince you much to use WordPress. I will just share this small infographic with you:

Wordpress statistics infographic

Source: Splendorgraphics

Buy Webhosting and Domain Name

Though there are myriads of companies selling domain names and web hosting services, choosing the right one will make your life easy and falling for a cheap (generally lower quality) one will cost you more in later times.

Lessons from My Own Experience:

I started my first WordPress site taking hosting from my friend’s company. Let me share a few among countless problems I faced:

  • WordPress installation was not easy.
  • Whenever I called their customer service calling for WordPress support, either they had told me to upgrade my plan or told me that it’s beyond their capability to solve WordPress issues.
  • After adding content to my site for few months, I started noticing problem with new file uploads and found out that my cheap webhosting plan consisted of limited webspace.
  • If something got messed up in my site, I didn’t get any support from their end to get my site back up and running.
  • Slow site loading speed.

I have seen some of my friends suffering from more sever issues like:

  • Frequent hacking of their website.
  • Server errors.

Instead of Upgrading to Costlier Plans with an Unreliable Company Start with Basic Plan with a Reliable Company

Just when I was thinking about upgrading my hosting plan, I started noticing that most of the popular websites/blogs are using & recommending Bluehost. Even the officially recommends Bluehost as their recommended hosting partner.

Bluehost – the Webhosting I Personally Use & Recommend

Glad I immediately shifted my site to Bluehost. Using it for months also recommending it to all my clients and friends.

Noticed many advantages including:

  • Cost of the basic packages is same ( sometimes even less) as the costly packages offered by these unreliable webhosting providers.
  • Improved site speed.
  • WordPress installation is much easier.
  • Support is world class. You can ask them any questions and get proper answer.
  • Much more secure servers.
  • Better damage control infrastructure to get your site back up if by any chance it gets hacked.
  • … and lots more.

Buy Bluehost Hosting for WordPress Users.

Click here to visit the page shown below.

Get WordPress website from BluehostClick Get Started Now. 

[ Please note that you might get redirected to Bluehost website for your country, please navigate back to url. ]

Bluehost webhosting plans

Though you can start with the starter plan if you wish. But my recommendation will be to start with plus plan. Whichever plan you choose, click select. 

bluehost signup

Get your free domain ( for 1 year ) … click next. 

Now fill up the form below.

Bluehost fill details page

You don’t have to select the add-ons while starting, you can add those whenever you want later.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Credit card ( I don’t have either). Open a PayPal account and link your Debit cards or Bank account with it. Then you’ll be able to make payment through PayPal option above.

Once you complete the signup process, you’ll receive an Email like below:

Bluehost welcome email

Keep this Email saved. I recommend to save it in Evernote.

Install WordPress

Now you are ready to install WordPress software on your webspace.

Visit Bluehost login page. Login with your username ( the domain name you registered while signing up) and password.

Bluehost login page

Ignore if you see any promotional offer from Bluehost. Now you should see the Dashboard like below:

bluehost dashboard

Now scroll to the Website section and click Install WordPress. 

Ignore ( Click No Thanks or something similar) if you see some promotional offers from Bluehost,

Click WordPress from the following page. WordPress One Click Install

A page like below should open in a new tab or window.

Bluehost Mojo Marketplace WordPress 1 click Install

Click Install . 


Mojo Market Place 1 Click Install Step 1

If you have more than 1 domain attached to your Bluehost account, select the one you like to install WordPress in. You can also select a directory to install WordPress. E.g. To

Now click Check Domain

Mojo Marketplace WordPress Installation Step 2

Fill in proper information ( it will be auto-filled generally) and click Install Now

You’ll see the Setup in Progress notification. Once the installation is complete, you’ll see a page like below:

Mojo Marketplace WordPress Installation Complete

I will recommend you not to buy WordPress themes from here. 

Click View Credentials. 

WordPress Installation Credentials

Click View under Action.

WordPress Installation Credentials

Now note down your WordPress website credentials.

[ Power tip: Use LastPass to remember all your passwords.]

Congratulation! Your WordPress installation is complete! Cheers!

What if Your Webhosting Provider Doesn’t Have 1 Click WordPress Install?

Now I understand that you might need to use some other web hosting providers for some reasons. Probably they’ll provide some automatic WordPress installation option. But if they don’t have such options, you have to install WordPress manually.

You can find the detailed instructions on official WordPress website – Step-by-step Guide to Installing WordPress Manually. This process might be too complicated for most people, I’d rather recommend you to let us install WordPress for you for a nominal charge.

Feel Free to Contact Me

If you face any problem in the steps, or have some questions, or want me to setup your website for you ( for a reasonable price), feel free to contact me from the widget at the bottom right corner of the page.

More Guides Are Coming …

I am soon going to publish detailed guides like these so that you can get started, set up, optimize your WordPress site and can use it like a Pro within 24 hours. Click here to be notified first.



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